• Made Me Do It Movie Still of Kyle Van Vo

    “Made Me Do It” shuffles among different visual styles, as it bounces between its villain’s backstory and one desperate night in the lives of the brother and sister he’s targeted. The movie looks ugly and feels uglier[...]"

    "Made Me Do It" In the LA Times

  • "A mix of Natural Born Killers and Halloween with a little Psycho thrown in.” You can see the poster to the right and the trailer below.[...]"

    Dead Central's Exclusive look into "Made Me Do It" 

  • made me do it poster

    "Made Me Do It will host its theatrical release, today, in Los Angeles followed by its arrival on DVD and Digital platforms. In LA, this title will have at least seven showings, at the Arena Theater and filmmakers will be in attendance. On April 23rd, Indican will make this terrifying title available, across the United States, on home entertainment platforms."

    A Serial Killer Is Born In ‘Made Me Do It’ – Coming Home This April

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